Meet The Smarter Solution

Old technology is inefficient and expensive.  That’s why our patent-pending LCM (lost-circulation material) Recovery System is a smarter solution for operations combating the issue of fluid loss and seepage.

Unlike anything previously made available, our solution:

  • Saves Money: 

    -By minimizing fluid losses and limiting LCM consumption, saving an average of $303,000 per well in our Prototype tests.

  • Saves Time:

    – Can significantly reduce non-productive time associated to drilling fluid losses.  Unit sets up in as little as 6 hours for fast rig moves.

  • Saves Hassles:

    – Decreases dependency on mixing LCM continuously, bypassing rig shakers and associated issues with each.  Mitigates downhole tool failures from slugging with highly concentrated or improperly mixed LCM pills.

Be Smart.  Contact us today to learn more about our LCM Recovery System.


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